SUVs for Winter Driving

As usual, winter arrived quickly and announced its presence with a heavy dousing of snow and ice. Shovelling your driveway can be a nuisance, but nothing compares to winter driving. Unfortunately that’s about 50% of the driving we do in Northwestern Ontario.

Off the back of our huge SUV sale, we put together some reasons why you should consider choosing as SUV as your new Select iCar purchase this winter.

  • All-wheel drive SUVs are better than a 2WD sedan to get you moving on icy surfaces, like your driveway, that require traction and some serious power.
  • SUVs have the space and amenities for all your winter needs. The spacious trunk and backseat space is perfect for skis, sleds, winter gear, emergency items, and suitcases; not to mention more space for more passengers wearing bulky winter apparel.
  • SUVs are larger and weigh more than a regular sedan, and more weight actually helps to create sufficient traction in snowy conditions. However, more weight means longer stopping time – so remember brake early.
  • Tackling snow drifts, snow plow mounds, rocks, and branches is easier when your vehicle has more ground clearance. SUVs typically have 8-12in of ground clearance, whereas your average sedan comes in at around 5in.

Driving an SUV in the winter can help to overcome those winter woes! It’s important to remember to drive mindfully in the snow and ice, no matter what kind of wheel you’re behind.

When the temperature drops, so does your tires’ grip. Pair your SUV with winter tires to get the most out of these great vehicles!

Come check out our inventory of SUVs to get you through everything Northwestern Ontario has to offer.

Dec 11st, 2017