Test Drive? Tips for Taking a Vehicle for a Test Drive

Test driving a vehicle is a fun and exciting experience, but when you go out for your test drive it important to check over as much as possible to get the full experience of the vehicle. After all, you have done your research, narrowed your selection (hopefully) to a select few cars, and have been waiting for this moment. Normally a good test drive will take about 30 minutes. Here are a few tips to get you started.

1. Test drive more than one vehicle

When you have been driving the same vehicle for years, things start to break, the once perfect paint job gets scratched, and you will find yourself looking at all the new features newer vehicles have. It is very easy to get into the mindset of “It’s better than I have, so I like it!”, and possibly be stuck on the first vehicle you test drive, however there are many vehicles out there. Take a moment and look at your options, the first vehicle you test drive might not be the perfect vehicle for you.

2. Just sit in the car

Before getting on the open road, sit in the car and adjust the seat, play with the radio, and push all of those fancy buttons. These are the features you could potentially be using for the next few years.

3. Drive Normally

Pick a route on your test drive that represents your driving habits, if you drive on highways often, take the car on a highway, the same rule applies for city roads. It is also important you follow your regular driving habits, it will not be a great experience owning a vehicle that might not suit your driving habits and style. Now is also a great opportunity to try features such as cruise control and heated seats.

4. Turn the Radio off

As much as having your favourite music playing during a drive is essential to the commute to work, during a test drive your focus should be prioritized on the vehicle itself and its intricacies. This is especially pertinent for used vehicles as you should listen for any strange noises coming from the vehicle, especially during acceleration or breaking to a stop.

5. Bring a partner with you

The best experiences in life are better spent shared, at least thats what they say, but in the case of a test drive it is a good idea to bring a partner with an unbiased second opinion. As discussed in the first point it is very easy to get caught wearing rose-tinted glasses, having a second opinion will help point out things you do not notice.

Now that you’re equipped with some knowledge for how to test drive a vehicle, go out there and enjoy one of the most exciting parts of purchasing a vehicle.

May 21st, 2019