Is It Time For An Oil Change?

Getting regular oil changes is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to keep your vehicle in great condition. May you’ve heard that 3,000 km is the longest you should go without an oil change, but depending on your make and model (and your driving conditions) you should actually be getting your oil changed between 5,000 km to 7,500 km. Along with everything else, engine technology has greatly improved in the last decade since 3,000 km was the benchmark.

That being said, it’s important to pay attention to the signs your vehicle is giving to you that might indicate the need for an oil change – especially around the 5,000 km mark.

What Was That Noise?

Do you find yourself saying that every so often? It could mean your car needs an oil change, STAT! A weird sound under the hood is most likely your engine rods knocking together. Providing the engine with fresh lubrication will reduce friction between rods, and prevent your engine from burning out altogether.

Something Smells

And we’re not talking about your gym bag in the back seat. If you need an oil change, you’ll smell an unmistakably thick, burning odour that indicative of either an overheated engine or low oil levels.

That Doesn’t Look Right

Fresh, healthy engine oil will be a light brown colour, whereas oil that needs to be changed will be a dark brownish-black. Check your oil colour by using your car’s dipstick – if there are particles in the oil or if it’s very dark, time for a change!

The best analogy we’ve found for not changing your car’s oil is like mopping a dirty floor – your water starts out clean but over time gets dirtier and dirtier, until your mop can’t actually clean your floor anymore. While your oil won’t run out over time, it becomes incapable of doing its job.

Keeping a rough schedule, while keeping an eye on your car’s “symptoms”, is the best way to keep your engine running in tip-top shape.

Aug 28th, 2017