Tips for Driving at Night

Whether you’re heading up to the Sleeping Giant for some camping, or heading down to Minneapolis to catch a concert, Thunder Bay’s relative isolation makes road tripping a necessary and VERY fun part of summer! But remember driving at night does have its risks.

To make it to your destination on time, chances are part of your drive will be either in the early morning or after sunset. Unfortunately, driving at night has it’s risks – lack of sunlight causes vision to weaken and our ability to stay alert and attentive to drop. Given these facts, it is tragic but understandable that the frequency of fatal car accidents triples when the sun is down.

We want everyone to stay safe on the road, so here are some tips to help you drive better at night.

Maintain Distance

With less vehicles on the road at night or in the early morning, it’s easier to maintain a safe distance. Staying away will ensure:

  • Your headlights aren’t distracting or limiting visibility
  • You won’t slam into each other, should one vehicle swerve or suddenly stop
  • You’re more likely to stick with the speed limit, and not “racing” to stay with traffic
  • You can see if someone stops and needs help, gets into an accident, etc.

Keep an Emergency Kit

When you’re travelling, unexpected stops are a reality. It’s smart to have an emergency kit in your backseat or trunk in case you become stranded or someone gets hurt. Some items to have handy include:

  • A blanket
  • First aid kit
  • Bottled water
  • Bandages
  • Road flares
  • Pre-packaged, non-perishable food items
  • Flashlight

Clean Up

Before you leave for your road trip, and periodically throughout your drive, check to see that your headlights are clean and your windshield wiper fluid is filled. Dim headlights and a dirty windshield are huge reasons for decreased visibility.

Drive With a Friend

When you’re behind the wheel for a couple hours in the dark, focusing on stretches of road that look pretty much the same, it’s normal to start feeling a little drowsy. Pulling over, cracking a window, and switching driving duties with a friend will keep everyone safe, rested, and on time!

Not to mention keeping each other entertained makes any drive go much quicker!

Do you have any special tips and tricks for driving safely at night? Let us know!

Aug 10th, 2017