Tips for Maintaining Your Used Vehicle

Used vehicles can last a lifetime, thanks to higher quality manufacturing that makes buying new unnecessary and a potential waste of money. However – maintenance is key! We’ve put together some tips you should follow to keep your used vehicle happy, healthy, and on the road for as long as possible.

Change your oil every 6,000 kilometres (or so)

This is arguably the most important thing you can do to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape. Nothing ruins an engine quicker than neglecting oil checks and changes! Make a point to keep on top of your kilometres, and learn to check your oil on your own to save time and money.

Keep it clean

Regular car washes will keep rust, caused by dirt and salt, at bay. Don’t forget about the underside of your vehicle as that’s usually the dirtiest, and most susceptible, part of any vehicle. The best part is you can wash your vehicle at home to avoid unnecessary costs, but we recommend a thorough, professional car wash every so often.

Check tire pressure

Maintaining tire pressure that is aligned with the manufacturer’s recommendations (NOT the maximum pressure embossed on the tire) will help you save on fuel and keep your car running the way its supposed to. Investing in a $15 tire pressure gauge could help you save hundreds of dollars over time!

Additionally, keep an eye on the your tire treads and replace your tires when the wear becomes noticeable.


Your brakes MUST be replaced every so often, and don’t wait until you hear grinding noises to do so! It’s important to be proactive as your ability to brake keeps you safe on the road. Check for wear on your brake pads every month – a good rule to follow is if you have less than ¼ inch of pad, you should have your brakes checked/replaced professionally.

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May 2nd, 2017