Ways to Boost Your Fuel Economy

With gas prices hovering around $1.46 per litre in our area, it make sense to want to stay at home. But with vacation time looming, road trips planned, and summer wedding season upon us, what’s a driver to do? Here are some ways to maximize your vehicle’s fuel economy to get the most out of your tank.

Change Your Oil

The quality and age of your engine oil affects your fuel economy. Make sure you’re changing the oil in your car according to the maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual and not based on “past experience” or guidance from a mechanic.

Don’t Use Cruise Control

If all roads were flat, cruise control would be great for optimizing fuel economy, but chances are you’re driving through varying terrain with inclines and declines. When you’re using cruise control, your engine has to work hard to drive up an inclined section of highway at the same speed you were driving on a flat section. Bottom line: stay in control of your speed.

No More Aggression

Quit punching the gas! Aggressive driving, including rapid acceleration and speeding, can reduce your fuel economy by a whopping 33%. It’s bad for your wallet, bad for your vehicle, and bad for the environment.

Take the Junk out of Your Trunk

If you’re hauling around your camping gear, last season’s hockey equipment, or a bunch of items you were planning to drop off at the Salvation Army a couple months ago, it’s time to reconsider the junk in your trunk. Traveling with excess weight in your vehicle burns your gas faster.

Inflate Your Tires

Low tire pressure is horrible for gas guzzling, not to mention premature wear and poor handling. The recommended tire pressure for your vehicle should be on a sticker inside the driver’s door, and/or in the owner’s manual.

You can’t control rising gas prices, but you can control how your car is using the gas you put into it! Get in touch for our recommendations on in-stock vehicles with great fuel economy.

Aug 13rd, 2018