Why You Should Buy Used

Pump the brakes on buying new!

It’s obvious that buying a used vehicle saves you thousands of dollars right off the hop. While saving on the sticker price is one of the biggest advantages for buying used, there are many more hidden benefits.

Afford a Better Car for Less

Buying used doesn’t carry the same stigma as it once did – vehicles are being built better, and are looking (and performing) better for longer as a result. Honestly, most people can’t even tell the difference between a slightly used and brand new car. Within the first three years, depreciation mostly happens due to perceived value.

Although a brand new luxury vehicle can break the bank, a slightly older version of the same luxury vehicle might be well within your budget while having just as much life in it due to higher quality production. Chances are it even looks the same as the newest model, save a couple features, since most carmakers are rarely redesigning from year to year.

Depreciation – not always a bad thing.

Lower Insurance

One determining factor of your insurance rate is the value of your vehicle and as we just outlined, an older vehicle has less value than a brand new one. The cost of your insurance will be lower and, depending on how old your vehicle is, you might be able to drop certain elements of insurance, like theft, that you don’t have to pay into.

Value also impacts registration price so you can expect to save a couple bucks there as well.

Vehicle History

Buying a used car isn’t risky like it used to be, especially at Select iCar. Before you purchase a vehicle from us, we provide you with a full CarProof Report so you know exactly what you’re getting including number of previous owners, mileage verification, and potential accidents or damage.

You can effectively avoid unexpected problems and lemons.

We’re ready to help you find your dream car! Contact us to get started.

Apr 17th, 2017